DynEd Tools

Placement Test

DynEd's General Placement Tests are computer-adaptive, variable-length tests that place learners at the appropriate starting point within DynEd's courses. They provide a quick, reliable benchmark of student language levels and correlate well with other standardized tests.

Mastery Tests

DynEd's Mastery Tests, interspersed at regular intervals throughout DynEd's courses, are achievement tests designed to confirm student mastery of course materials, and help teachers  manage their students' progress to more advanced levels.

Smarter Studying

DynEd’s certification levels work in parallel with DynEd's grading system. This encourages learners to study smarter, achieving greater gains towards language automaticity in half the time.  These gains will become apparent not only in the English classroom, but also in the confidence your students display in academic subjects like math, science and history in English.

Measuring Skill Progress

Unlike most certification programs, the accuracy of our certificates is not based on a single test. DynEd Certification measures progress and performance across time, including listening and speaking skill development.