About Us

D Idea is an English language training center. Our class provides blended learning system, this involves Self-Study on mobile or computer using with courseware and Class Time with teacher. You can enjoy our flexible study program.

Our Solution

  • Our Professional Certification Plan features a goal-based English learning approach that meets the specific needs to international college, undergraduate and graduate students. This plan provide ELLs with a clear study path that cuts learning time in half, allowing students to focus on the core courses of their chosen major.
  • Our technology-adaptive Placement Tools ensure that the students begin studying at a level that is right for them, reducing the boredom or frustration that many international students experience when placed in the wrong English level.
  • In Our Center you can easily accessible technical and academic support ensures program directors that students will not have any downtime during the course of the semester, and will be able to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.
  • Our six certification levels of the Professional Plans are fully aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), providing program administrators, teachers, students, and potential employers with the confidence that the proficiency levels shown on certificates is a true representation of the student’s current English language ability.
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Our Goals

  • Allowing students to gain confidence in their listening and speaking abilities quickly, and build the rapid language processing skills that lead to fluent reading and writing.
  • Students can follow their English progress and get the extra study time they need by using mobile applications and computers.