A1 (Beginner)

Study Hours: 50 – 60 hours

Study Levels: 0.0 – 0.5

First English 1,2,3,4

First English is an award-winning English language course for new ELLs. The course starts at a beginner level and systematically helps students comprehend, practice, build and internalize the core framework of English necessary for long-term success. DynEd’s innovative use of visuals and comprehension exercises learners in ways that a text-based approach cannot.

New Dynamic English module 1

New Dynamic English is a general English course for young adults and adults that develops the conceptual and structural language skills necessary for English fluency. It focuses on language that is immediately useful and prepares learners to continually incorporate new vocabulary and phrases into their language base. Recently updated, New Dynamic English follows a carefully-designed syllabus that helps students acquire English as a skill they can use with confidence in school and in their careers. The course provides more than 200 hours of study and practice.

A rich variety of language exercises and activities, including plenty of speaking practice using DynEd’s Speech Recognition activities, make using this award-winning course engaging, effcient and effective.

With daily practice, students develop:

Pronunciation and oral fluency Listening and reading comprehension Sentence structure and effective sequencing of ideas Oral presentation and summarization skills The ability to express abstract ideas and relationships.


  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Classroom suggestions
  • Extension activities and worksheets
  • Placement and Mastery Tests